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About Me

          My name is Blaise Lucey. I am twenty-one years old and I go to Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and I'm a graduate of Byfield's Triton High School (2006). My major is English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. I attended many creative writing workshops over the years, for poetry and for prose. I took my first workshop when I was twelve and it was taught by Andre Dubois III (before he was famous!). He even read a novel I had written called The Unguided Mirror, a fantasy story about magic, swords, and elves. As I got older, there were fewer and fewer teachers who encouraged me to write creatively. I believe that having someone to read your writing is invaluable to your growth as a writer and a thinker. Think Write will foster this environment for all of its participants.
          I have been involved with community service programs at local elementary schools in Lewiston, as well as at Pine Grove in Rowley. I have had the opportunity time and again to work with aspiring and struggling writers, whether it was on a story or a homework assignment. I have two younger sisters and two younger brothers (19, 18, 11, and 7) and an older brother (21) and I have helped all of them with their individual literary endeavors. I have even edited articles and novels by my mother, Holly Robinson, whose  memoir just came out on May 29th.

        For a writing sample of mine, please e-mail me at
Literary Merits...
NewsWatch Media Reporting Seminar 2009
Forum Editor, Staff Writer: The Bates Student 2008-2009
Contributor: Bates' Seed Literary Magazine 2006-2009
Bates' Prose Writing Seminar 2008
Bates' Poetry Writing Seminar 2008

Published: Our Young Art 2009
Published: The Claremont Review 2008 (2nd Place, Short Fiction Contest)
Reporter: The Town Common 2008

My short story blog is also available for those who are curious or kind enough to read it!