Think Write!


What Will We Learn?

         Think Write is a versatile and dynamic program. Many different formats and workshops are available:
        -> Custom One-on-One Tutoring, Editing, and Writing Sessions (ages 8-17)
      -> Academic Workshops of 2+ People (ages 8-12)
      -> Academic Workshops of 2+ People (ages 13-17)
      -> Creative Writing Workshops of 2+ People (ages 8-12)
      -> Creative Writing Workshops of 2+ People (ages 13-17)

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      Whether the concentration of the workshop is creative or academic, each session will merge creative and academic writing to make it as fun and exciting as possible.  I will adapt to the each writer's unique learning and writing methods. If writing is a new skill, then I will work to interest the writer in pursuing and developing this skill. There are many techniques I have learned to encourage new writers. Examples: 

     -> Reading or thinking of a part of an existing book or television show and coming up with a new ending.
     -> Collaborating with the writer on a comic strip and advancing the comic strip only after the writer has read the existing text, written part of it, or thought of a new panel.
     -> Showing the writer pictures, scenery, or even Legos to stimulate ideas concerning stories.

        Older writers, too, will benefit from thought-building exercises. I will also engage in peer-to-peer editing with these writers' stories, as well as share with them some of my own. Depending on a writer's preference, we can also go through character or setting workshops, where we can work together to develop an interesting or unique element for a story. Creation will be the key to inspiring new stories. Think Write will never be boring because there is no limit to ideas. Whether the writing is creative or academic, Think Write will always be fun and educational at the same time. Trust me, it's possible. 

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