Think Write!


Hi! Welcome to the website for Think Write!

         Think Write is a program that ran through the summer 2009 and may be returning for summer 2010. Its goal is to teach methods and concepts of creative and/or academic writing to children and teens.  These efforts will culminate in an essay or story (or even essays and stories) written by your child. Whether he or she is reading The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Hamlet, this program will work to nurture each individual talent.
        Too many schools neglect the area of creative writing and attempt to standardize it. Teachers often don't have the time or inspiration to make writing as engaging as it could and should be. Every student can enjoy writing, but most schools don't teach how to do it anymore. It is difficult to be inspired about creating when there's no outlet for it.
          This program is designed to provide each student with this outlet. We will expand and explore different ideas and techniques that make writing easier and more fun. From the dreaded five-paragraph or college essays or MLA citations to the short story or picture book, your child will learn skills that will last a lifetime:

How to Write a Story
How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay
How to Use MLA Citations

How to Make Characters for a Story

How to Make a Setting for a Story
How to Edit in Peer-to-Peer Workshop Settings

How to Avoid Writer's Block

How to Use Grammar/Literary Devices

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